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This is my personal website.

It's my hobby. My way of following my dream of becoming a game developer. It's not much so far, but I think I am on a good way. I started developing games when i was 14. Mostly because I loved playing games (I still do). And ever since I have a passion for it. I just love the high level of creativity that is required to make a game. And I believe it is one of the most challenging jobs you could have in the IT industry.

There wasn't a good opportunity to study game development here in Germany, back when I had to choose, so I signed up for the second best - computing. And my dream came true later on when I got accepped to study Game Development in Ireland. Now I am a graduate with 2 degrees - in Game Development and in Computing. Over the time I had the chance to work with many different environments, many different aproaches towards developing, and I met and worked with many amazing and talented people. Now I am looking forward to start working in the industry.

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Telephone: +49 157 3579 7912
Email: contact@7bitgames.net
Website: www.7bitgames.net