Haven is a highly configurable simulation game aimed at children from ages 8+ to play through scenarios designed to elicit an emotional response. Designed to be played in a therapeutic setting to engage young clients and further individual therapeutic goals. Milo, Haven's interactive character is configurable by a therapist to suit the needs of the individual client.

Haven was developed for the Occulus Rift DK2 and used the immersive qualities of virtual reality to help the player bond with the virtual creature. It also served the purpose of taking the child out of the therapy setting and into a peaceful environment in which it could behave normal and stress free.

The whole project was built by a group of five. We used Scrumwise with weekly sprints to keep our work organized and to keep everybody informed about the progress of the others.
Our project source was managed using SourceTree.
Additionally every member of the team kept a weekly journal on their progress.

After the college year finished the development on Haven subsided and eventually came to a halt. But with the ongoing development in virtual reality it might pick up again.


Best Presentation at IGBL 2015

IGBL Image
Our team competed for the chance to present this project at the 2015 Irish symposium of game based learning, sponsored by Microsoft. We later won the prize for best student presentation.

UDGC 2015 Finalists

UDGC Image
Our team was a finalist in the 2015 Universal Design Grand Challenge. Haven was selected as one of the top 7 student projects in Ireland, and it was presented in front of an audience and panel of international judges.

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