Project Nox

Project Nox was the project designed and developed under ther supervision of Mr Sebastian Süß at my university, and it was the project on which I based my bachelor thesis. The main inspiration for this project was Blindfold, the game which was developed during the 2014 Global Game Jam. The idea was to develop a game which does not have any visuals, and is therefore accessible for blind people. The big difference to the Blindfold however was the platform. While Blindfold can be played on a PC with a gamepad, Project Nox is designed as a mobile game.

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This was the first time I developed for a mobile device in Unity and it was more work than I anticipated. I had 3 months to research, plan and develop the entire project. By the end of the three months I had the first level of the game finished in a very raw version. Additionally all controls and mechanics are in place. Even though the game is playable, I do not feel comfortable enough about the current version to upload it. And since I neither have the time nor the motivation to work on it right now this project will remain in the planning for now. But I learned a lot from this project, especially about sound, and its use in a game environment.

I go into a lot of detail about features like controls and accessibility in my actual thesis, so if you are interested in reading about it you can have a look into my thesis here:

Design and Development of a First Person Mobile Game for Users with Visual Impairments

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