Rocketbeans Community Game Jam 2016

In May 2016 the german web tv channel Rocketbeans TV hosted a Game Jam for their community. The jam lasted 48 hours and the topic was "traces of nuts". The topic was very open, but I went with a pretty litteral interpretation. Nuthunt was the name of a game in which you play as a squirrel and you have to follow scent traces, in order to find nuts to survive the winter. It was the first time I was developing on live on twitch and it sparked my interest to continue doing this.

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Nuthunt is a game in which the squirrel Henry has to find Nuts for in order to survive the winter. I developed this live on stream!
There were a lot of entries and a lot of intel under #rbcgj. You can check out my game on the Gamejolt Page.


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Special Thanks to:
Desoxyephedrin for help with the Highscore-System!
Everybody else who kept me entertained in the Chat!
My amazing girlfriend Reneta who supported me all the way through :)

Here you can Download the game

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